mansionThe Majestic Mansion: A Historic Building for Your Events

One of the best things that set this magnificent Italian designed mansion in Australia is that it is surrounded by the most scenic and beautifully landscaped gardens one has ever seen. The beautiful and scenic flowers, plants, trees and pathways provide a magical backdrop to the historic establishment. All 10 acres of it secure the walls and the grandeur of this establishment

Located within the suburbs of the big city, a mere half an hour drive will lead you to this majestic mansion for all your special events.  Built in the 1800’s, a lot of historical events have been held inside these walls. What was once a solemn seminary is now home to some of the most joyous affairs people have been to. And there are two reasons why people choose this place over any other. First is the history that is enmeshed within it. The second reason is that it offers a very romantic setting for that magical moment in people’s lives – their wedding.

The mansion is divided into smaller divisions that can hold different affairs and events at one time. Small and romantic weddings with only 30 people have been held here in our venue. But all these divisions can be brought down to make for a bigger space that can accommodate about 250 people for any event. To make the package a complete one, we have rooms were the married couple and a few of their closest family and friends can stay over. This will serve as their very first home as a married couple.

The mansion itself is designed in Palladium manner and is situated on a rolling hill for that picturesque setting. We have a team of professionals that are focused only on giving the bride and groom the best wedding and wedding reception they can ever ask for. Our team can help the couple with just anything related to their wedding. Be it photography or food, we can take care of it.

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